Reation to Paclitaxel

Only a couple of minutes into first session and things went wrong.  Anyone else been here? 

I'm still recovering from that but maybe strong enough to try again next week.  They want to do it as an inpatient now, presumably to take longer over the time to administer.

Can't say I'm keen to try again.  It was touch and go,  Feeling like I've just had an extra week :) 

  • Hey 2me it sounds like you're in a very good place atm. I'm so pleased for you.

    I'm still battling for a 2nd mastectomy and will do so until it happens. I've beaten all the odds and I'm in full remission

    I was given up to 2 years to live on 2nd September 2020. I remember the date because it's my wedding anniversary. 4 months away from that death date and I'm so healthy and happy. In a few hours I'm setting off to Bulgaria to watch my son get married. It doesn't get better than this . 

    Keep living life to the full and keep fighting. Make the most of every day. B xx


  • Hey Barbm, well done!! And the wedding....beautiful.  I've got a few places I want to get to yet :)  Oddly your first post was made on my birthday.  All I want is to be well enough to enjoy life to the full....I still get them and that's great.  Cancer found to be in all removed axillary nodes, still I don't think it's my time yet.

    Yeah I can't wait to get the other one gone :)  Not fussed about putting anything back there.  Never had a tattoo but think it would good around the scars....make the most of the lack of feeling :)  Could be anything :laugh:

    Happy travels xx 



  • Hey that's exactly what I'm going to do. I love trees. Bizarre ? Possibly but I just love walking beneath them and wonder what stories they'd tell if they could speak. I immediately feel relaxed and calm so I'm going to have branches and leaves tattooed across my scars once I have the 2nd mastectomy.

    Live life fully every single day. None of us know what's around the corner but my diagnosis has made me appreciate everything in my life. I'm going to watch my baby get married and although I'm not fully confident in how I look now I won't let it stop me enjoying every moment.

    Stay strong my fellow warrior and keep in touch. B xx