Pain in left testicle when sitting down

Hello, I am 19 years of age. These past two months I've been having ongoing testicle pain while sitting down, it's like a dull ache and it comes and goes. I've been to the doctors about it and I was told I might have something called "epididymitis". However I am so worried about it as i've taken one weeks worth of antibiotics to treat it and the pain is still there. I cant feel a lump whats so ever but it feels a bit sore to touch at the tube? of the testicle. I've had all blood tests and the GP felt my testicle and said it feels fine. Im just so worried, I just feel like i need some type of advice.


To add, ive been having lower back pain when sitting/laying down and I've been having to clear my throat of mucus, I recently went for an X-Ray on my chest to see if there was any anomalys but my lungs were fine.

  • Hello, and thank you for posting.

    As its a year since Jack posted we thought we would ensure you get a response.

    If you have concerns about testicular pain do make an appointment with the GP. They are the ones who can assess and decide if further investigations are needed.

    If you have already been diagnosed with epididymitis, the same as Jack, then there is NHS information here.

    But do also talk it through with your GP.

    Take care and hopefully you will feel more comfortable soon.


  • Hello everyone 

    I'm 45 I have pain in my right testicle since 2004.

    I think the veins are getting trapped somewhere in Spain or tail bone 

    I'm trying to find out the testicle veins come through what part of the spine that I can look at that part.

    When I sit very sharp I get the pain when I sit a bit backward and tilt to the left then I don't get the pain.

    If you have pain in the left testicle then you need to sit a bit backward and tilt to your right see how it goes. 

    A zoom conference would be Good idea to discuss and share our experiences.

    I think the spine is damaged or we were born with the damaged spine when we get older then the pain starts.

    Good news is its not life treating my sexual life is normal have children after 19 years pain in my right testicle still alive its not a disease infection or what so ever.

    I think it's the nerve or veins getting trapped somewhere we need to find that out problem will finish.

    All the best 


  • Hello all, I too have the dreaded pain in right testicle and have been examined by Doc thoroughly, to the point it made the pain worse for a week, this started early October 22.

    Since then I've had three lots of antibiotics, firstly Ciprofloxacin , which had no affect then ofloxacin which cleared it but when I thought I was back to normal, I had an acute return after having sex with my wife! We were both tested for infections but all clear. During this time I'd had two ultrasounds first discovered a small cyst and hydrocele (sack of fluid) , the second follow up scan was clear but as mentioned above I had sex and the pain returned, hence the second lot of ofloxacin again pain cleared.

    The doctors have said if I'm still suffering in three months I'll be referred to a urologist, luckily the pain is now all but gone and best described as an uncomfortable feeling, normally when sitting. So I think it's a waiting game but my research has also suggested an enlarged prostate can be a cause, I do have trouble with flow etc but PSA test was fine so didn't go further down that route.

    As I write, I don't have pain but do have the sensation of something being in the testicle and can't bear tight trousers or anything touching it.

    Whilst all our symptoms are similar they are also very different in what pain relief works, ibuprofen didn't really work for me but I had some cocodamol 30/500 prescribed years ago for pain in thumb joint, they were well out of date, these numbed the pain but made me feel sleepy so only took when I was settled in for the evening and not driving, so anyone suffering ask Doc for some strong painkillers.

    Finally when I looked through my medical notes I've had a couple of testicle pain episodes over the years and couldn't remember them, it's an age thing, I do however remember contracting Chlamydia in my late twenties and one of my testicles was very swollen but no pain, this cleared with antibiotics but probably made me more susceptible.

    It's definitely connected to "use" with me.

    Just thought I'd let people have the experience of my symptoms and good luck to all who are suffering, there should be relief at some point ahead.

  • Hi

    I just stumbled across this whilst googling symptoms. I had a varicocele grade 2 for many years with no pain at all up until Spring 2021. I had started a new job where I was sat down a lot, and then my problems started where I was getting pain during intercourse. I ended up having embolization in Fall of 2021 thinking it was the varicocele. However, I still have the pain. And it seems to be what everyone else here has.

    I was physically examined and then referred for ultrasound. Both found nothing wrong with me which of course was good in many ways, but it didn't explain the pain. I sometimes find myself with dull ache for days. They seem to think it could be a problem with my surgery, but I'm not sure it is. I can't have intercourse at all now, and I am unable to have a relationship because of this and turn down any opportunity to do so without really being able to say why (I am ashamed). I am completely put off, and have become pretty much asexual at this point. 

    My doctor wants to see me again for further tests, but every time I try and find symptoms for what it could be, nothing seems to come close. I have no other symptoms other than this dull ache in my left testicle, lower left abdomen, and sometimes it spreads to my entire left leg. I just want this pain to stop so I can move on with my life. Though I am happy its not something more serious, I just wish I had a proper answer so I can get rid of this chronic pain.

  • I really feel for you and your predicament, have you tried painkillers when you get the pain, not paracetamol or ibuprofen but something stronger cocodamol 30/500 they numbed the pain for me and I kept taking untill pain subsided. Even though I didn't have an infection ofloxacin worked after a week each time but Doc may not prescribe if no infection, mind I didn't have an infection. I'm in my mid/ late 60s and luckily sex isn't high priority so I'd even considered asking them to remove my testicles but then pain has pretty much gone at moment.

    I sincerely hope you get relief soon

  • Just read this and am experiencing similar to what you say but not as acute, I am a lorry driver I will try wearing 2 pairs of pants and wearing them at night!.


  • Hi Jimmy, and thank you for posting. 

    I'm sorry you are suffering with these pains, this must be particularly tricky doing a sitting down job for hours on end. 

    I would recommend that when you can do make an appointment with your GP just to get reviewed properly, as it could well be an infection that needs antibiotics. Do read information about this here.

    Take care Jimmy, and do get checked out so you know you've been seen by a doctor.


  • I'm off work the week after next if it's still bothering me I will get it checked. 

    Thankyou Sarah.