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zogs73 4 posts since
Sep 1, 2011
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Sep 10, 2011 11:54 AM

Biopsy results - does how long you have to wait mean something?



I had a mole on my arm removed for biopsy on September 1st. I've just had a letter to go for my results on the 23rd. I am completely sick of hearing people say they would have asked to see me sooner if it was serious. Are they right? Has anybody on here been called earlier than this on the NHS. I think I'm going to scream if one more person says this - or are they right? My dermatologist wrote a letter to my doctor which said it was 'MM', which I am assuming meant malignant melanoma, and that the planned biopsy was to confirm this diagnosis. (He didn't say much at the app). Am I judging my friends and family too harshly, they mean well and are trying to stay positive for me so I'm asking for other people's experiences so I can possibly dare to hope.



janojan 249 posts since
Feb 12, 2011
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1. Sep 10, 2011 2:18 PM in response to: zogs73
Re: Biopsy results - does how long you have to wait mean something?

Hi Zoey,


Don't wait.  In my view, if they know the results  it is your right to know and they should tell you. Try ringing them and ask what the biopsy showed.  I don't want to give you false hopes but my experience of being diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma was that immediately after the biopsy the consultant told me he was almost completely sure it was cancer.  He went through the other options but when I said "so it could be an infection" he shook his head and said no it is cancer. I was then rushed through a blood test on the same day, CT & MRI scans witin a week and was given all the results the following week.  But it could be that my consultant/hospital has a different way of doing things. It sounds like your consultant may not have the courage to tell you - if he has informed your GP and not you.  Since my initial diagnosis I have had other tests where I have had to wait weeks for the results and in some cases I haven't been told the results before my GP blurted it out which seems wrong to me.


Waiting for results and the seeming blase attitude of medical staff I have found to be one of the difficult aspects of cancer and the tests.  I make sure when I have a test now that I know exactly when I will get the results and I won't go for the test until I know.


Very, very good luck.  Hope your results are negative and you just had a mole.


Jan x

Hellokitty 24 posts since
Aug 30, 2011
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2. Sep 10, 2011 2:22 PM in response to: zogs73
Re: Biopsy results - does how long you have to wait mean something?

Hi Zoey


About 10 years ago I had 3 moles removed when consultant was cutting them out she said they where deep and really rooted and and said the out come did not look gd. Well I went back and she was so surprised to tell me they where not cancerous. Phew. But I know what u mean about family saying well if they thought it was bad then u will get called in sooner. I have a lump on my leg my gp sent me for xray and yesterday I rang for the results to then only b told I have no injury. I was "it was never about injury it's about a lump in my leg" so back I go on Monday as he now wants to c me. I demanding for more test as I've had this lump since I first noticed it about 10 weeks.

U have came to right place to ask questions and to seek what your looking for. Try not to worry and don't go goggle (worst thing to do)


Take care hugs Victoria xxx

Dizzie 1,404 posts since
Apr 19, 2010
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3. Sep 10, 2011 5:41 PM in response to: zogs73
Re: Biopsy results - does how long you have to wait mean something?

Hi Zoey,


My cousin recently had a patch of skin removed - MM being suspected. This was three weeks ago - her sister has recently contacted them and asked what is taking so long and they've said it's to do with the actual procedure and lab tests - these can take a few weeks apparently. I don't know for sure if this is correct or not, but it's what she's recently been told.


It is frustrating when people say things like 'no news is good news' etc but try not to be too harsh on them - it's just because they really don't know what to say to make it all better.


Let us know, once you know - hoping you get good results


Dizzie xx

telemando 167 posts since
Jan 12, 2011
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4. Sep 10, 2011 5:50 PM in response to: zogs73
Re: Biopsy results - does how long you have to wait mean something?

When I had my prostate biopsy last year I was immediately given an appointment for the results 12 days later.  Afterwards, I was told that my specimens were examined by two independent pathologists and the results were internally reviewed before the final decision was reached.  Even my GP did not know the result until the same day that I did.


Interestingly, the severity of my cancer was judged to be Gleason 3+4 by the biopsy, but after my prostate was removed and examined the pathologist reported it as a less serious Gleason 3+3. Apparently, this "restaging" occurs in about 20% of cases after surgery, with me being one of the lucky ones whose severity was downgraded.  Whew.


If I can just get on my hobby horse for a moment: I only discovered I might have PCa because I heard a programme on the radio and I asked my doctor for PSA blood test.  As a result my PCa was caught early and I have an excellent prognosis. If you're a man over 50 please follow my example and ask your GP for a PSA test! 



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