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76leigh 127 posts since
May 20, 2011
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May 28, 2011 10:02 PM

Lung Cancer & Thoracic Surgeon

Hi All


My Dad has been told he has Lung Cancer and nothing else until he sees the Thoracic Surgeon on 6th June at Guys Hospital.  Does anyone know if everyone sees this person first or does it depend on the situation??  He also has to have a scan before his appointment.

Also could somebody tell me is it the case that as your symptoms become worse the cancer is??  Only Dad has no symptoms apart from a tiny cough??


Thanks for your help guys x

candy 253 posts since
Feb 8, 2011
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1. May 28, 2011 11:06 PM in response to: 76leigh
Re: Lung Cancer & Thoracic Surgeon

hii 76leigh i take it your dad is having surgery thats when my husband saw the surgeon,but before that he had many scans mri also pet scan to rule out any further cancer cells within the body hope pray all goes well for your dad plz keep in touch god bless from liz

Carrie 433 posts since
Feb 19, 2011
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2. May 29, 2011 12:31 PM in response to: 76leigh
Re: Lung Cancer & Thoracic Surgeon

Hi 76leigh


I'm sorry to hear your Dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer and it's a terrible blow for the whole family.  Although I have a different cancer (oesophageal) I agree with Candy that it's usual to have CT scans and often other procedures before seeing the surgeon.  It's his responsibility to decide about operating depending on the results of scans.


I know the 6 June seems a long way off when you're waiting but it'll soon come and then your Dad will know what's happening and then it all becomes easier.  Being in the dark is like living in limbo and many on this site will completely understand.


It's very difficult to assess the stage of cancer from symptoms and even the consultants would hesitate to do so until they have completed some investigations.  I know this isn't very reassuring but it's better to have no news until they are sure, than they make wild guesses.


I hope you'll be able to let us have some news after the 6 June.


Best wishes.



peugeot207 124 posts since
Jul 20, 2010
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5. Jun 9, 2011 9:52 PM in response to: 76leigh
Re: Lung Cancer & Thoracic Surgeon



This sounds exactly the same as my mom's experience and if they can operate, it is the best option.  You will see from my other thread that mom was given the all clear yesterday.  She had the thoratic surgery, if your dad can have the epidural pain relief, it is just fantastic, mom had zero pain.  It is a big operation but mom was 73 and was off her feet for 2 weeks max and from then on she slowly got back to her full strength.  I really do feel for you now as I remember how I was this time last year.  Do you have a date for the op?  Please let me know how things go, I will be thinking of you all.



peugeot207 124 posts since
Jul 20, 2010
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8. Jun 10, 2011 6:58 PM in response to: 76leigh
Re: Lung Cancer & Thoracic Surgeon

Hi Leigh,


They possibly only scanned the bottom of the lungs if that is where the PET scan indicated the cancer was.  Mom had to do lung function tests (blowing into a machine to measure your lung capacity), she had a treadmill test and had to answer lots of questions.  She went through many scans, x-rays etc so dont worry too much about this, its all part of the process.  Do you know what type of biopsy your dad is having.  Mom was supposed to have a biopsy of her lymph glands but they were too small and too close to her windpipe so they aborted this idea.  She was told that her operation would be a biopsy first to ensure that the tumour was cancer and if it was they would go ahead and remove it so she went down for surgery not knowing what the outcome would be.  The op took 6 hours (that does include the time in the recovery room) and I was at the hospital waiting (I was at my wits end).  It really is positive if they can operate and its your dads best chance.  Mom was told she was clear for now but the consultant did say that he was confident that this would never bother her again as the cancer was so early and had not spread. Please keep me up to speed as this sounds so much like mom and if you have any worries I may be able to help.


Peugeot207 x

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