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Nov 22, 2008 7:09 PM

What does a shadow on the lung mean?

Hi, i was hoping that someone could help me. Just the other day my dad was told he had a shadow on his lung, he has to wait now 4 weeks i think to get tested. The doctor told him he was concerned about it. My dad is very upset about it as he fears he might have lung cancer. im really scared for him and also angry at the fact that nothing is been done about it until 4 weeks time. its driving me insane all i keep thinking is what if the shadow on the lung is cancer. my father is 60 and he is a smoker so that also worries me. im scared that if he does have it that they might not be able to treat it on time. im finding it hard to take in, im too scared to talk to him about my fears as i know it will upset him even more. and my mother is very scared aswel i dont want to upset her either. does anyone think we should try and get the diagnosis and tests speeded up?

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1. Nov 22, 2008 7:36 PM in response to: Annmarie1988
Re: What does a shadow on the lung mean?


Hi Annmarie



Four weeks seems a long time if you think you have got cancer. It means 4 weeks of terrible worry.  All I can say is that you should push your GP to speed things up (didn't have any problem with my own scenario - done within days) but for your own peace of mind try and speed things up. Maybe (if you can afford it) go private for the diagnosis. It may not be cancer but you will still all worry like mad until you know what the situation is.  And then you can get on with whatever comes. Yes - if you can try and speed it up and the GP sounds good.



If you get it speeded up then it may not affect whatever comes next (and let's hope it's good) but the worry is worse than not knowing what the position is.



Hope this has helped.






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