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Oct 1, 2012
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Oct 1, 2012 10:29 PM

Stage 4 lung cancer

My 85 yr old dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung ca 4 months ago.  Yesterday he had to go to hospital as he was in a lot of pain with his  shoulder, an xray showed a fracture to his soulder, this must of  happened 6 weeks ago when he slipped off his bed, even tho we called the  doc at the time and he examined him saying all ok and no bones  broken!!! In the last 3 weeks his right hand and arm has swollen to 2x  its size and the doctors said it was fluid retention, now it all makes  sense that he does indeed have a fracture. He was in so much pain  yesterday we had to call an ambulance, thankfully when he arrived at  hosp they xrayed him and took bloods and urine samples. The bloods have  shown that he is anaemic. They have also said he has a chest infection,  and is now on antibiotics. He has also been rambling a bit and also  apparently singing in his sleep for the past couple of weeks. He also  gets very confused, but other times he is on form and remenicing about  his work days and the good old days. My concern is the chest infection  turns to penumonia as I no this tends to kill a cancer patient before  the cancer does. Has anyone else had to go through this, can anyone  offer any advice or tell me if the end could be near. I would prefer  people to be blunt rather than plaster round it Many thanks
He also is still drinking his cups of tea and eating!

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1. Oct 2, 2012 11:39 AM in response to: karen4697
Re: Stage 4 lung cancer

Hi Karen,

Thank you for telling us about your father. I hope he responds well to the antibiotics.  Hopefully they should be able to relive his pain and he starts to feel better very soon. Its not surprising he gets a little confused but this could be down to his age as my grandfather was just the same. He couldn't remember what he had done yesterday but could tell you about things he had done as a child. I am sorry to hear about his condition but you don't say how you are coping with it. Hospitals and doctors often neglect the fact that for people like yourself, It is a very stressful time and there is not much help out there for people like you. So please take care, Kind regards Brian

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