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Feb 11, 2011
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Feb 11, 2011 11:45 AM

Lump on neck



I am 31 and have had a lump on the left side of my neck for sometime ( over a year), but never really bothered me, but over the last month it keeps changing size and shape, it's been the size of a large marble at times, which caused my neck to ache.

anyway went to doctors who refered me to Hospital, saw consultant on Monday just gone and has sent me to have ultrasound and FNA, feeling nervous about it and worried, well the ultrasound appointment has come though very quick ( yesterday) and it's for next Wednesday, which has made me feel more worried as my hospital usually slow on this, just wanted to share how I feel.


thanks for listening.



harryeleri 1,220 posts since
Apr 28, 2010
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1. Feb 11, 2011 11:59 AM in response to: mhagger79
Re: Lump on neck

It is good that the ultrasound has come through and it is not too quick so dont panic.The waiting is awful,and we imagine all sorts but try to wait until you have definite answers then you know where you are headed.I hope it will be something simple.Keep posting so we can support you.

Stay strong.

Rose xxxx

Chrissie 11 posts since
Apr 1, 2010
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3. Feb 12, 2011 12:37 AM in response to: mhagger79
Re: Lump on neck

Just keep us informed! Good luck.  xxx

Jolamine 405 posts since
Jul 15, 2010
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5. Feb 15, 2011 1:06 PM in response to: mhagger79
Re: Lump on neck

Hi Michelle,


I know that it sounds trite, but try not to worry too much. I suspect that if the size of your lump keeps changing, it is not too sinister. At least, that was what I was told. Nevertheless, I'm sure that your mind is in overdrive at present and this is only natural - The waiting and worrying is always the worst.


I recently developed a lump on one side of my neck which was the size of an egg and it was sore too. Having already been diagnosed with breast cancer, I was naturally worried. It appeared overnight and I went to see my GP immediately. He referred me to a One Stop Neck Lump Clinic.


The appointment came through very quickly and the aim of this clinic was to give an immediate ultrasound and if necessary a fine needle biopsy, before giving an immediate diagnosis and a treatment plan. In the event the ultrasound showed up enlarged lymph nodes on both sides of the neck, but fortunately they do not seem to be cancer related.


The radiologist was confident that this was an inflammatory reaction and saw no need to follow up with a biopsy. I only hope that he was right! A course of antibiotics has reduced the swelling, although it has not gone completely and my neck is not so sore now that the swelling is reduced. It is also easier to swallow again.


I hope that you get good news tomorrow, but you are best to get it checked out anyway.


Thinking of you and hoping that all goes well. Let us know how you get on.


Jolamine xx

harryeleri 1,220 posts since
Apr 28, 2010
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6. Feb 15, 2011 5:32 PM in response to: mhagger79
Re: Lump on neck

No-one thinks you are silly at all.Your health is important and should be checked out.Hope things go well tomorrow and the results come through quickly

Loads of good luck being sent to you

Rose xxx

harryeleri 1,220 posts since
Apr 28, 2010
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8. Feb 16, 2011 12:59 PM in response to: mhagger79
Re: Lump on neck

Hi Michelle,

More waiting Lets hope it doesn,t take too long.Our hospital never gives results on the day so we have always had to wait for the scans to be looked at.Another thing sent to try us !!Remember the same the outcome will be however much we worry.

Stay strong.

Rose xxx

GRAEME 5 posts since
Feb 16, 2011
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9. Feb 16, 2011 4:06 PM in response to: harryeleri
Re: Lump on neck

Course im no expert but lump on neck.....


im suprised they havent done a biopsy first.....


that way they can do tests on a bit of the lump..


thats what they did in my case before they did any scans etc


BUT as i say thats just what they did in my case..


any lumps anywhere else ?


all the best  xx...


ps try not to worry, it could be something simple...

worrying wont change anything BUT it will make you feel worse...

block104 24 posts since
Sep 23, 2010
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11. Feb 18, 2011 12:20 PM in response to: mhagger79
Re: Lump on neck


The waiting behind all this is unbearable i know..But a lump in the neck does,nt mean you have Cancer..

I,ve recently been through treatment for throat and base of the tongue cancer,but there was a hell of alot of biopsys and consultations before they gave me the go ahead...have you recieved this consultation.

Have you had tonsilitis recently,throat infections etc..You may well have infected lymph glands?

Get the consultation as soon as poss.Thinking and praying for you ..

joeninty 72 posts since
Jan 10, 2010
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12. Feb 19, 2011 12:30 PM in response to: mhagger79
Re: Lump on neck


Hi I had a small lump in my neck at the beginning of my treatment and had a scan followed by a biopsy, it sounds they havent done one, I them had a night in hospital for a biopsy to take a sample to see what it was, I was then given radiotherophy to see if it would shrink it. what have the doctors said it is are are you still waiting for the results, all this was done in about 6 weeks from start to finish to see what treatment I had to have.

Hope they sort it out soon.



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Feb 20, 2011
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13. Feb 20, 2011 12:35 PM in response to: mhagger79
Re: Lump on neck

Hi, I've had throat and base of tongue cancer too, and I had a MASSIVE lump under my chin when it all started, which was a swollen lymph gland; the lymph glands can get infected and cancerous. But it didn't change shape, and didn't really hurt. Your shape-changing thing sounds quite different. It is good you are getting the ultra-sound, although the waiting game is always hardest. Maybe you can try getting your GP to chase the hospital to get their doctor to look at it in less than 2 weeks - or maybe you can find one of those Neck Lump clinics referred to in a previous post? sorry can't see who posted it right now lol. Try not to imagine the bad things - it could just be a cyst.

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