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Aug 1, 2008
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Aug 1, 2008 4:44 PM

Just been diagnosed with cervical cancer im so scared

I was diagnosed 2 days ago with cervical cancer after a doc found a lump when i was in delivery suite! Took 7 weeks 2 get a follow up appointment and then was told I had 2 have a biopsy taken. Got the results 2 days ago and have been told I need 2 have an mri scan in the next 2-3 weeks 2 c how advanced the cancer is. Im 30 years old with 3 children 1 of which is only 12weeks old. Im very scared and I dont know ow 2 tell my kids any advice please and is it normal for things 2 take this long? thanx

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Jul 7, 2008
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1. Aug 1, 2008 6:36 PM in response to: lynnsey30
Re: Just been diagnosed with cervical cancer im so scared

Hi Lynnsey30, my heart goes out to you as you are so young.  You dont say how old your other children are but from your age I would say they are infant & junior  school.  My children were a lot older although my daughter 27 is special needs so in some ways I can fully understand all your fears for your children.  I would make it as simple as possible with a need to know basis.  Tell them mummy is not very well at the moment and she has to have some medicine at the hospital for a while.  You know your children b est.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer we told both our children who at the time were 20 and 23 (7 years ago).  As I said my daughter is special needs but we still felt we had to tell them and be upfront about it.  My daughter then would not leave my side.  If she went out to college under protest she was terrified I would not be there when she came home.  This is why I would advise a simple explanation on a need to know basis.  Luckily as she saw my progress she became less anxious with time.  You will beat this my dear, stay positive and focus only on the good news rather than the negative.  Diagnosis and treatment unfortunately do take a while to sort out so Im afraid in my experience it is usually the way.I do hope this has been of some help to you.Take care. Big hug. Bubbles.  P>S>  I hope you have a good network of family and friends to help you and your family through this time.  If you need to let off steam feel free.

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Jul 18, 2008
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3. Aug 1, 2008 11:47 PM in response to: lynnsey30
Re: Just been diagnosed with cervical cancer im so scared

Hi Lynsey , hope you are ok ,

It is very worrying but you have to be strong , my story may help you a little ...

I went for a routine smear in nov 2007 (im 34 by the way !!) which the doctor knew and i did deep down something wasnt right , i was sent for a coloscopy the following week and then 2 wks later i was sent to hospital for a biopsy ..... i was told 28th Dec that it was cervical cancer it all happened quite quick for me

I then had a radical hysterectomy the end of jan ... and then in march i had 5wks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy .

It is scary but the way i found it easier it may seem weird but i removed the cancer word from the picture i treated it like i had a growth that needed removing i blocked the C word out thats what makes it all scary i found .

I have a 3 year old daughter and sometimes i would look at her and it would break my heart thinking she may grow up without me ... but somehow you find the strength and courage to carry on you have to i wasnt letting the C word get me .!!

I felt quite poorly at times and very tired but im ok it makes you take a look at your life i believe everything happens for a reason maybe i was taking my life and what i have for granted , these days im so lucky and thankful to be here i feel stronger every week ... i have even taken up dancing classes ( im a bit rubbish though !) i would of been too lazy before i was ill to do anything like this !! also i ran the race for life a few weeks ago !!! im on a mission !!

Hope this has helped a little please get in touch if you need any advice or just someone to have a good moan too !! ...

take care and let me know how you are getting on

bailey x

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Jul 7, 2008
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6. Sep 17, 2008 6:03 PM in response to: lynnsey30
Re: Just been diagnosed with cervical cancer im so scared

Hi Lynnsey30, Keep focousing on your  baby.  Im sure  thats what kept me going throughout all my treatment. The fact I want to be around to see them settled  and share their lives for a long time to come.  You do have a lot going on over the next few weeks but stay focused and Im sure you will come out the other side well. Keep us informed of your progress.Take care for now.Hugs Bubbles.

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Aug 12, 2008
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7. Nov 9, 2008 9:15 PM in response to: lynnsey30
Re: Just been diagnosed with cervical cancer im so scared


Hi Lynsey30



I'm so sorry to read your story,I was you 3 yrs ago, my children were 7 & 11. I was advised by my GP to tell them as I would lose my hair, I had cisplatin and didn't lose any hair. B ut you know part of me is glad I told them. I didn't stay in bed &  I tried not to act ill, although I did dose off, on the couch all the time but my kids were great. After 6 wks of chemo, 4wks of external radiotherapy and then internal radiotherapy the tumour was gone and three yrs later I am still here enjoying my kids. The good thing that came from it was that my children who were terrified when I told them,no longer fear cancer and think of it as just another illness that can be cured. As they now say, my husband and I didn't let it effect them and I never acted really ill around them,so in their eyes it wasn't so bad. I'm proud of that as thats what my husband and I tried to do keep everything as normal as possible for them.



You will beat this, your partner and your beautiful children will get you through all your treatment and your relationship with all of them will be stronger for it as was mine. It makes you appreciate your loved ones and them you, so stay strong and positive and let us know when you are cured. Meanwhile remember all of us on this site understand what you are going through, so use this site to get you through your low times and show your strong positive side to your children.



take care & god bless.









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