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Apr 15, 2010 11:03 PM

Tarceva, does it shrink tumors?

My wife Angela was diagnosed Oct 09 with advanced NSCLC, after 3 months of chemo (that frankly knocked the proverbial out of her) scans revealed that the tumor was still progressing, two weeks ago she started on Tarceva 150mg daily, I read on several forums of reports that tumors are shrinking when taking this drug but both Angela & I recall the Doc saying Tarceva doesn't shrink it just prevents further growth, have we got this wrong (We hope so)


look forward to any replies






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3. Apr 30, 2010 10:32 AM in response to: tonyj
Re: Tarceva, does it shrink tumors?


Hi Tony,



My Mum has also been on this drug for two weeks, She is having a scan next week so we will see then if it shrinks tumours.



She has had terrible side effects on this drug spots on her face, mouth ulcers so bad she couldn't eat and now weighs 5.4 st!



I did read online that this drug has bad side effects and is only succesful in 20% of patients in America where it has been available since 2006.  My first thought was this is just not worth it but we shall see next week. This is the last resort for my Mum now.



Good luck



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